Bar 2.0 All-in-One



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Deep bass
Surround yourself with sound
Visit the movies, from your sofa
Stream it all
Low-profile design
Make a connection

Features and Benefits

Deep bass
Enhance the drama of a tense thriller, feel the roar of your team or sit back with your latest
album. The JBL Bar 2.0 All-in-One really is all-in-one, with deep bass for your movies and

Surround yourself with sound
JBL Surround Sound instantly brings movies, sports and music to life. Upgrade to an immersive sound experience for your TV without any extra wires or speakers.

Visit the movies, from your sofa
Get the popcorn ready. Built-in Dolby Digital gives you an authentic cinematic experience right in your home.

Stream it all
Not in the mood for a film? No problem. With the JBL Bar 2.0 All-in-One, you can also enjoy wireless music streaming via Bluetooth from your mobile or tablet.

Low-profile design
With a compact, low-profile design, the JBL Bar 2.0 All-in-One is designed to fit effortlessly into your life and in front of your TV.

Make a connection
Connecting JBL Surround Sound could not be easier. The HDMI ARC or Optical cable connection is super simple to set up and use.

Technical Specifications:
General specification:
Power supply: 100 – 240V AC,
~ 50/60Hz
Total speaker power output
(Max. @THD 1%): 80W
Soundbar output power
(Max. @THD 1%): 2 x 40W
Soundbar transducer: 2 x racetrack
Soundbar standby power: <0.5W
Operating temperature: 0°C – 45°C
Video specification:
HDMI Video output (With Audio return
channel): 1
Audio specification:
Frequency response: 70Hz – 20kHz
Audio inputs: 1 Optical, Bluetooth,
USB (USB playback is available in US
version. For other versions, USB is for
service only.)